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Olympia Services is a full service Environmental Safety and Health Compliance consulting, staffing and safety video distributor firm.  We help businesses avoid costly OSHA fines and workplace injuries by offering a wide variety of safety management services specifically tailored to meet the needs of our individual clients. Our team of highly skilled health and safety consultants works closely with your management staff and provides in-depth assessments covering major areas such as – safety exposure, compliance, training and administration.

Olympia Services’ goal is to bring all of our clients into safety compliance, and more importantly, help them to maintain it. Contact us at 614-699-2071 to arrange a confidential consultation.


The Olympia Team

Experienced Health and Safety Consultants to Meet Your Workplace Safety Needs.

Gaylin Peebles, MS

Gaylin’s mission is to teach business owners how to minimize occupational safety and health cost while maximizing safety compliance.  He works directly with business owners as a strategic partner to help them use their most valuable resources – money, time and people – in the most effective manner possible. He helps to keep business owners focused on their highest priority goals and objectives, provides perspective, and, most importantly, ensures actions are measured for maximum performance. Gaylin’s 20 years of experience range from being a Safety Graduate Assistant/College Instructor to working with multiple industries including manufacturing, construction, transportation, petroleum, convenience store chains as well as tool and machine shops, just to name a few.

Geanine Howard-Peebles, Olympia Safety Health and Safety Consultants in Columbus, Ohio

Geanine Howard-Peebles

Ms. Howard-Peebles is an environmental regulatory compliance specialist with over 15 years experience.  She holds a degree in Chemistry.  Her experience includes regulatory analysis and compliance, environmental assessments and audits, and environmental management documentation and permitting.  She also has experience in interpreting and implementing environmental regulations and requirements in wastewater, stormwater, solid and hazardous waste and materials and development of environmental compliance plans for field activities, waste treatment or disposal permit applications, closure and cleanup plans. In addition, she has negotiated and facilitated project requirements, compliance documentation, and path forward solutions with state and federal regulators on public projects for the Department of Energy and Department of Defense as well as projects in the petroleum, chemical, mining, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and waste management industries.

Mike Downie

Mike Downie, CSP

Mike has been in the safety and environmental fields for 28 years.   His work includes positions in industry, insurance, and as a private consultant throughout the United States.

Mike has performed over a thousand safety audits to identify compliance issues and general safety concerns.    His work has led him to assist in over 300 OSHA inspections.  He has also provided numerous safety trainings for employees, managers, and business owners; and lead over 15 companies in attaining SHARP (Safety and Health Recognition Achievement Program).  

Mike holds a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Safety and a minor in Environmental Studies from Iowa State University.  He has been a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) since 1996. 

Dave Roll

Dave Roll

David is currently a partner in a safety and risk management firm.  His 24+ years of safety experience as an includes working for a division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and numerous years serving as the Safety/Workers’ Compensation/EPA manager for private industry and government employers.  As a 17 year Safety Consultant for the OSHA On-site Consultation Group, David serviced businesses throughout Ohio by conducting numerous compliance audits of workplaces general industry inspections. David also worked with employers to help them identify risk and help them with compliance related issues, reviewing citations for content and documentations, and auditing workplace jobsites.

David is highly skilled in the performance of safety training for general industry, health care providers, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation, state-wide local safety councils, the NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) and other organizations. 

David holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee. He also has extensive experience in aiding private employers with the attainment and recertification of OSHA’s VPP (Voluntary Protection Program) and SHARP (Safety and Health Recognition Achievement Program) exemplary safety award programs.