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Cardinal Acoustics Forklift Safety Course Quiz

Okay, it’s time to test your forklift knowledge.  Use the knowledge you gained to choose the correct answer to the questions.  You must answer all questions correctly to pass.  You can retake the quiz as needed.

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Wide and long loads are more unstable than other types of loads.

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It is safe to give someone a ride on your lift truck.

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How can a lift truck lose its balance or become unstable?

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Which is a characteristic of lift trucks?

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The load capacity of a lift truck can be found on the data plate.

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What should you do before exiting an aisle or driving through a blind intersection?

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When traveling near pedestrians you are required to:

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When should vehicle inspections be conducted?

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Overloading a lift truck can cause a loss in steering.

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Pedestrians have the right of way.

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Before loading or unloading a trailer at a loading dock, you should:

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You may park or stack product in front of exits or fire equipment.

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It is not your responsibility to report any problems with a lift truck during the time you are operating it since you did not find anything wrong during the vehicle inspection.

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When parking or leaving your truck unattended, you should:

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You can place your hands and feet outside of the operator’s compartment as long as your head and body are protected.

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