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Co-op $avings Program

Olympia’s Co-op $avings Program provides small businesses with a cost-effective way to manage part or all of their safety program for one annual fee.

The Co-op $avings Program was specifically designed for businesses with 100 employees or smaller who will gain access to a Safety Coach to handle safety and health activities, workers’ compensation and safety compliance. In addition, participants of the program receive:

Periodic onsite safety visits
Safety risk assessment
Mock OSHA Audits
Ergonomic Assessments
Development of loss control plans
Forklift training and certification
Hazard assessment certification
Lockout -Tagout training
Written safety programs
Unlimited safety consultation
Participation on safety webinars and more

Olympia’s Co-op $avings Program can be adapted to many types of settings. Many small businesses rely on Olympia’s safety and compliance services to not only prevent injuries but to save money.  Olympia’s strength lies in recognizing a small business’ loss exposure and taking the necessary steps to prevent risk.


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